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23 Apr The School Sagrado Corazón de Sarrià celebrated on Sunday, April 15 the great celebration of solidarity

The School Sagrado Corazón de Sarrià celebrated on Sunday, April 15, 2018, the great celebration of solidarity.

The entire educating community (parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, students …) raised funds for various solidarity projects:

1- Caritas Diocesana: with the project for the prevention of Child Poverty (Paidós) which aims to alleviate the consequences of hereditary child poverty and prevent chronification factors, serving families with children from 0 to 6 years of age, living in poverty and / or risk of social exclusion.

2- Assis Center: Homeless shelter center (located in the district of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi), which offers comprehensive care to more than 1.000 people.

3- Haiti- Simón Bolívar School in Balán that belongs to Sagrado Corazon’s religious congregation. The nuns, when taking over the educational center, have seen the need to build 4 ecological toilets for children. Nowadays they do their necessities in the playground of the school, since the existing hygienic services are in very bad condition due to lack of water.

4- AMPA Solidarity Fund: Sagrado Corazón School Families that may need help to finance the scholarship of their children.

This year as every year, Nart Clinica Dental, is concerned about this this initiative that embrace the values ​​of solidarity and family.We are pleased to be a sponsors of this event.

This great initiative took place with a great success, 2.000 attendees, last Sunday, 15th April at the Sagrado Corazón  de Sarrià School. We are waiting for you next year!

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